Welcome to the Go Luke Wygand Foundation. After spending 84 days in the NICU, and later 40 days in the PICU, Luke’s father, Rich Wygand, saw what the power of Love can do. He notice how the kids can improve with just one simple thing, LOVE.

During the time at the hospital Rich notice how most things were focus on the Mom side and almost nothing to the Dad side. Rich used to play saying “what about the Dad? Nobody gives a sh&t?” Due to his very special connection with his son Luke Wygand, Rich decided create a foundation to help families, specially Dads. The Dad must be very present in the child’s life or be willing to change and become more Mindful.

Our goal is to help Dad’s be more mindful about their role in the child development, at the same time create awareness of Nemaline Myopathy, which is Luke’s condition.

How is that done? Well Rich Wygand, a life coach and created a program called MINDFUL Dad. Rich is also a former professional triathlete and throughout endurance sports Rich is creating awareness to help Dad’s help their children.

With your donation we can keep this work going by helping one family per month, and helping Dad’s help their children.




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