Teach Love

Last Friday august 18th I took my son to the Park. Luke have a rare condition called Nemaline Myopathy that causes muscle weakness. That being said he needs a machine to help him breath and one to help him with the secretions since is hard to swallow due to muscle weakness. Needless to say walking for now is not possible.

I arrived at the park and all eyes were on me, it was a big group. I don’t mind curiosity looks, however I do mind “nasty looks”. I went on with my day, but the looks that the older kids and some adults of judgement made me think, what is the big deal? It’s only a tracheotomy, a breathing machine, a suction machine and a loving Dad having fun with his son.

My experience so far with other kids and Luke has being great, for example: The younger the kid is the less judgment it is, which quickly came to me a simple conclusion, adults are the ones teaching the “looks”, because kids only know one thing: LOVE. Kids do not know judgment, racism any of that, they learn by example and they learn quick.

As a special needs kid Dad the only thing I can say is: Teach your kids LOVE, or simply let them be LOVE since day one! Kids are the future and if you want to leave this a better world for your child this is your chance, your chance to teach LOVE and spread it out. This is the purpose of this foundation.

Lets spread the love?



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