Changing the World one Dad at the TIME!

Well, I always had this dream of changing the World but I never knew how or what I could do, until my son was born.

Luke changed my life in his first minute of life. Luke was born with a rare mutation that neither of the parents carry and we did not know anything about it until he was born. When Luke “came out” he was in distress and he needed cardiac massage at mom’s belly, he did not move at all. For a few seconds I froze, until I heard the Doula voice, he needs to hear a familiar voice. I went and said on his years, “daddy is here”, at that moment Luke grabbed my finger and that was the only movement in the next 36 to 48 hours.

In our view Mom’s have a huge connection with the baby’s because their carry them for almost 40 weeks. The Dad’s usually brings the spiritual gift to the family. I remember until today what I said to my wife and I used the example of the Gladiator movie, we will be stronger with we stay stronger together (mind, body and soul). You can see the video here.

As the time goes by I started to notice that the Dad’s role is far this days, there was not much support for Dad’s (specially emotional), and a lot of the Dad’s did not stick around, in fact, lots of families could not handle the stress and end up separated. Keep in mind that spirituality has NOTHING to do with RELIGION, spirituality has to do with connection and LOVE.

With that, our goal is to help Dads help their child and change the world. Is that possible? Yes, because I am able to see with my own eyes daily what the POWER OF LOVE can do. If we can change the life of many families in several different ways, and not only financially and help build a bigger love vibration in the planet, WE CAN CHANGE THE WORLD ONE DAD AT THE TIME! Because spirituality is LOVE!





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