A come back for a good cause!

James Wygand III a 2x Ironman Finisher had an accident in March 2013  that caused an Injury on his spinal cord at the C5,6 vertebrae level with transient quadriplegia. After 2 neck surgeries that resulted in the fusion from of his neck vertebra c3 to c7.  The injury, even after surgery, causes various symptoms such as: neurological weakness from the neck down, nerve pain on arms, hands, and toes, tremors on all limbs, nausea, and difficulty gaining and maintaining muscle mass due to the injury, James was unable to continue his career as an airline pilot.


James has since been working on his recovery through occupational and physical therapy, and in august of 2016 after graduating from therapy, James joined Town Center CrossFit to regain his strength and endurance. He began Crossfit very weak and uncoordinated.

Now he has a goal of running his fist 10-miler after the accident, and he will be racing to raise money for the Go Luke Wygand Foundation.



Besides this being his first come back race as a test to see what his body can do, he is also Luke’s Wygand uncle. Luke is the main reason this foundation’s existence. So there are 2 great motivations at work here:

1- James comeback to endurance sports.

2- James’ racing for his nephew Luke and the support of his daughter Rachael (shown in the picture above), Luke’s cousin.

Because James is Luke’s uncle contributions raised will be distributed as follows :

50% for Nemaline Myopathy-Luke

50% for the Family of the Month. (The Foundation has as one of its objectives the selection of one family per month. This month the family selected was the Pinder Family that needs to purchase a van to transport a 5-year-old daughter equipped to accommodate her special needs as previously reported on FB and can be visited on the Foundation’s website)

Can you help James cross the finish line?

Donations should be sent to:




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