Luke is now almost 16 months and I have been debating if I should or shouldn’t talk about this for awhile now. I guess I have to say it because is my nature, that is why I am a coach.

Every time we go to a park is the same, we get the “LOOKS”. Some of those looks can be from curiosity, some might not, however the feeling I have is always the same, and it’s not just me. Truth is, every time we go to the park we are having so much fun and doing everything possible with Luke. We adapt, we try and we work with what we have. Sometimes works, sometimes does not, but the fact is we enjoy!


The feeling we get when we get those “Looks” is always one, honestly, it feels like people are thinking: “How they can get so much JOY with all that going on?” We don’t know if is true or not, but that is how it feels.

I am not going to lie, it feels much easier when its me and Carol with Luke out there, than when there is only one of us. The other day, Carol went to the park and to Publix with Luke by herself, and she came home a little upset. She said it felt like was her against the world for Luke, and that’s tough. When you have to make a statement by yourself for your son, is different than when both of us are together and as an unit we feel safer and stronger to face people’s judgement and looks even from far away.

The fact is, Luke’s condition is lifetime, and he choose us to be his parents (that’s what we believe), and we choose him, so why wouldn’t we enjoy every single second of our lives? The reality is, he is like any other kid out there, he just have different challenges.

Once a friend of mine, said (he is in a wheel chair): “Everyone has challenges, the difference is that mine you can see it”. Is that simple. We are grateful to be alive and with each other. We enjoy every single minute.


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