About Dads

Well, before Luke was born all I heard was; “The first year or so it’s all about  the Mom”, is it really? As you may know our foundation is definitely  focus on the Dad side, and the truth is, it’s NOT ONLY about the mom.

about Dads

The Dad plays a big part of the kid life, specially in the first years, and even before birth. When we found out we were pregnant (yes, we, because she did not get pregnant by herself), I said to myself and my wife, I want to be part of every single thing possible in the pregnancy, and I did. I went to all doctors appointments.

I started creating the connection with Luke from day one! I was playing music, talking to him, writing emails (I created an account for him) and all that, because the mom give the gift of Life but the Dad gives the spiritual gift, it’s all about the energy of the Dad, and the kid feels that energy, that is why is so important to be present.

We had some difficulty during labor, and when Luke came out he received chest compression right away, and luckily we had a Doula and at the moment of shock she told me “he needs to hear a familiar voice”. Because I was always present and talking to Luke, I said Daddy is here, he grabbed my finger and that was his only movement for the next 72 hours. That happen because he knew who was there, while the mom at that moment could not physically do it.

My point in all of this, is that the Dads are very important, specially in the begging. You might not think that you are because the mom provides food, she carried the baby for almost 10 months, and she gave the kid life; however your energy as a Dad is key for the kids life, even if you are very busy, every moment counts. Those moments can be from reading a book, changing diapers, sleeping next to him, talking (even on facetime), it counts! Your energy as Dad, your connection goes beyond physical. The mom to, however the kid is naturally more attach to the mom because she carried him for 9 months.

Being physically and emotionally present will create a foundation that will help the kid for the rest of his life. Don’t just be a Dad, be a JEDI Dad!

May the Force be with you,

Rich Wygand


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