About Dads

Well, before Luke was born all I heard was; “The first year or so it’s all about  the Mom”, is it really? As you may know our foundation is definitely  focus on the Dad side, and the truth is, it’s NOT ONLY about the mom.

about Dads

The Dad plays a big part of the kid life, specially in the first years, and even before birth. When we found out we were pregnant (yes, we, because she did not get pregnant by herself), I said to myself and my wife, I want to be part of every single thing possible in the pregnancy, and I did. I went to all doctors appointments.

I started creating the connection with Luke from day one! I was playing music, talking to him, writing emails (I created an account for him) and all that, because the mom give the gift of Life but the Dad gives the spiritual gift, it’s all about the energy of the Dad, and the kid feels that energy, that is why is so important to be present.

We had some difficulty during labor, and when Luke came out he received chest compression right away, and luckily we had a Doula and at the moment of shock she told me “he needs to hear a familiar voice”. Because I was always present and talking to Luke, I said Daddy is here, he grabbed my finger and that was his only movement for the next 72 hours. That happen because he knew who was there, while the mom at that moment could not physically do it.

My point in all of this, is that the Dads are very important, specially in the begging. You might not think that you are because the mom provides food, she carried the baby for almost 10 months, and she gave the kid life; however your energy as a Dad is key for the kids life, even if you are very busy, every moment counts. Those moments can be from reading a book, changing diapers, sleeping next to him, talking (even on facetime), it counts! Your energy as Dad, your connection goes beyond physical. The mom to, however the kid is naturally more attach to the mom because she carried him for 9 months.

Being physically and emotionally present will create a foundation that will help the kid for the rest of his life. Don’t just be a Dad, be a JEDI Dad!

May the Force be with you,

Rich Wygand



Luke is now almost 16 months and I have been debating if I should or shouldn’t talk about this for awhile now. I guess I have to say it because is my nature, that is why I am a coach.

Every time we go to a park is the same, we get the “LOOKS”. Some of those looks can be from curiosity, some might not, however the feeling I have is always the same, and it’s not just me. Truth is, every time we go to the park we are having so much fun and doing everything possible with Luke. We adapt, we try and we work with what we have. Sometimes works, sometimes does not, but the fact is we enjoy!


The feeling we get when we get those “Looks” is always one, honestly, it feels like people are thinking: “How they can get so much JOY with all that going on?” We don’t know if is true or not, but that is how it feels.

I am not going to lie, it feels much easier when its me and Carol with Luke out there, than when there is only one of us. The other day, Carol went to the park and to Publix with Luke by herself, and she came home a little upset. She said it felt like was her against the world for Luke, and that’s tough. When you have to make a statement by yourself for your son, is different than when both of us are together and as an unit we feel safer and stronger to face people’s judgement and looks even from far away.

The fact is, Luke’s condition is lifetime, and he choose us to be his parents (that’s what we believe), and we choose him, so why wouldn’t we enjoy every single second of our lives? The reality is, he is like any other kid out there, he just have different challenges.

Once a friend of mine, said (he is in a wheel chair): “Everyone has challenges, the difference is that mine you can see it”. Is that simple. We are grateful to be alive and with each other. We enjoy every single minute.

A come back for a good cause!

James Wygand III a 2x Ironman Finisher had an accident in March 2013  that caused an Injury on his spinal cord at the C5,6 vertebrae level with transient quadriplegia. After 2 neck surgeries that resulted in the fusion from of his neck vertebra c3 to c7.  The injury, even after surgery, causes various symptoms such as: neurological weakness from the neck down, nerve pain on arms, hands, and toes, tremors on all limbs, nausea, and difficulty gaining and maintaining muscle mass due to the injury, James was unable to continue his career as an airline pilot.


James has since been working on his recovery through occupational and physical therapy, and in august of 2016 after graduating from therapy, James joined Town Center CrossFit to regain his strength and endurance. He began Crossfit very weak and uncoordinated.

Now he has a goal of running his fist 10-miler after the accident, and he will be racing to raise money for the Go Luke Wygand Foundation.



Besides this being his first come back race as a test to see what his body can do, he is also Luke’s Wygand uncle. Luke is the main reason this foundation’s existence. So there are 2 great motivations at work here:

1- James comeback to endurance sports.

2- James’ racing for his nephew Luke and the support of his daughter Rachael (shown in the picture above), Luke’s cousin.

Because James is Luke’s uncle contributions raised will be distributed as follows :

50% for Nemaline Myopathy-Luke

50% for the Family of the Month. (The Foundation has as one of its objectives the selection of one family per month. This month the family selected was the Pinder Family that needs to purchase a van to transport a 5-year-old daughter equipped to accommodate her special needs as previously reported on FB and can be visited on the Foundation’s website)

Can you help James cross the finish line?

Donations should be sent to:



Changing the World one Dad at the TIME!

Well, I always had this dream of changing the World but I never knew how or what I could do, until my son was born.

Luke changed my life in his first minute of life. Luke was born with a rare mutation that neither of the parents carry and we did not know anything about it until he was born. When Luke “came out” he was in distress and he needed cardiac massage at mom’s belly, he did not move at all. For a few seconds I froze, until I heard the Doula voice, he needs to hear a familiar voice. I went and said on his years, “daddy is here”, at that moment Luke grabbed my finger and that was the only movement in the next 36 to 48 hours.

In our view Mom’s have a huge connection with the baby’s because their carry them for almost 40 weeks. The Dad’s usually brings the spiritual gift to the family. I remember until today what I said to my wife and I used the example of the Gladiator movie, we will be stronger with we stay stronger together (mind, body and soul). You can see the video here.

As the time goes by I started to notice that the Dad’s role is far this days, there was not much support for Dad’s (specially emotional), and a lot of the Dad’s did not stick around, in fact, lots of families could not handle the stress and end up separated. Keep in mind that spirituality has NOTHING to do with RELIGION, spirituality has to do with connection and LOVE.

With that, our goal is to help Dads help their child and change the world. Is that possible? Yes, because I am able to see with my own eyes daily what the POWER OF LOVE can do. If we can change the life of many families in several different ways, and not only financially and help build a bigger love vibration in the planet, WE CAN CHANGE THE WORLD ONE DAD AT THE TIME! Because spirituality is LOVE!




Teach Love

Last Friday august 18th I took my son to the Park. Luke have a rare condition called Nemaline Myopathy that causes muscle weakness. That being said he needs a machine to help him breath and one to help him with the secretions since is hard to swallow due to muscle weakness. Needless to say walking for now is not possible.

I arrived at the park and all eyes were on me, it was a big group. I don’t mind curiosity looks, however I do mind “nasty looks”. I went on with my day, but the looks that the older kids and some adults of judgement made me think, what is the big deal? It’s only a tracheotomy, a breathing machine, a suction machine and a loving Dad having fun with his son.

My experience so far with other kids and Luke has being great, for example: The younger the kid is the less judgment it is, which quickly came to me a simple conclusion, adults are the ones teaching the “looks”, because kids only know one thing: LOVE. Kids do not know judgment, racism any of that, they learn by example and they learn quick.

As a special needs kid Dad the only thing I can say is: Teach your kids LOVE, or simply let them be LOVE since day one! Kids are the future and if you want to leave this a better world for your child this is your chance, your chance to teach LOVE and spread it out. This is the purpose of this foundation.

Lets spread the love?